Since 1994, we’ve been helping dentists like you keep your eye on the financial health of your practice through our bookkeeping services and practice management advice.

Over the years, many of our clients told us they don’t get proactive advice from their accountant.

So we thought long and hard about how we could help — without stealing time from your family or the clinical side of your practice.

Introducing new help in improving your financial position, now, and for your retirement years.

Accountable Solutions has  brought several chartered professional accountants on board to serve you better.

We’re proud we can now offer you end-to-end accounting services. Not only traditional services — like preparing tax returns and financial statements — but also a proactive focus on strategic tax and estate planning, cash management, and even wealth protection.

Bottom line?

You can reduce your tax bill so you finally have capital to grow your business and create maximum retirement income.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you reduce your taxes to the legal minimum.