Corporate & Personal Tax Planning

According to Industry Canada, only 51 percent of small and medium-sized companies in Canada survive for five years. Efficient tax planning is a key differentiator for those firms that surpass this milestone, maintain a growth trajectory and grow a sustainable business.

While many accountants simply prepare tax returns, at Accountable Solutions, we develop customized tax planning strategies that provide a long-term road map for your business and personal financial management. This systematic approach outlines step-by-step actions required to proactively manage tax preparation throughout the year – not just at the time of filing. This ensures that personal and professional tax information is always at your fingertips, bringing you greater peace of mind and keeping more money in your pocket.

Our tax advisory and services include: the preparation of personal and corporate tax returns, trust returns and non-profit and charity returns; SRED tax strategies and claims; public sector funding and investment applications with federal agencies such as the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP); tax audits; trust exams; notices of re-assessments and objections; and tax appeals.

If you’re a corporation, we can also provide insight into the tax implications of your business strategies, helping you plan and prepare tax solutions that minimize your tax liabilities. If you have any questions in regard to our corporate tax planning services and personal tax strategies we offer in the GTA and Canada, please call us at 905-479-2126 or visit our online form.