Exit Strategy Planning

Whether you are an entrepreneur who aims to sell your business or a small-to-medium-sized firm that is pursuing a merger, we can work with you to design and execute the right strategy to maximize your investment – and your wealth.

At Accountable Solutions, we understand that wealth is not simply created through the launch and growth of a company.

In fact, research shows that 80 percent of individuals with a high net worth of more than $5 million are entrepreneurs who sold their businesses. Many of these business leaders share an important (but little known) key to success: proactive strategy planning that begins the moment a company is established. This enables a business owner to:

  • establish exit goals and strategies (which are highly differentiated from growth strategies);
  • chart a well-defined path for accelerated development and growth; and
  • exit for the maximum economic value within a defined period. We recognize that short and long-term business success not mutually exclusive.

With a well-defined exit plan, you can maximize short term revenues and profits, while preparing your company for a multi-million dollar exit. We can develop the right exit strategy that helps you find the right acquirer – one who will pay a premium because they believe they can build on your hard work, and generate even greater value in future.