Why Do I Need a Bookkeeper?

Perhaps you can relate to one or all of these scenarios?

You open your mail and you notice a sizeable penalty or demand letter from Canada Revenue Agency. You don’t have a clue what they’re talking about either….

Just then, your phone rings. You answer it to find that it’s one of your suppliers, and he’s threatening to suspend shipment to you unless you immediately pay his overdue invoices. Now you have the money, but you had no orderly system to prevent either of these events from accurring?! So instead of doing those things that contribute the ‘greatest’ net revenue for your company, you’re running around fighting fires and wasting your precious time….Then there are times when you don’t have the cash flow to take care of all the obligations screaming at you. This is where a bookkeeper can be your best friend. The staff at Accountable Solutions will take the pressure off ‘you’, by dealing directly with the creditor and arranging a workable plan for all concerned.

This enables you to do what you do best, and so provides the organization with the best chance of not only meeting its obligations but also becoming more profitable.

Have you ever thought or said, “I can’t afford to, I can’t afford not to…”?

Our goal at Accountable Solutions is to find ways of saving you money and/or uncover resources that may be available to you that you’re not aware of. In many instances, this can even work out to covering our fees in full or in part. Consider this real life example:

Accountable Solutions was invited to set up a new client. This entailed reviewing the books and implementing a system of support that would work for the client and Accountable Solutions. In so doing, our staff found $1,600 in additional money/resources; and our invoice was $750; a profit of $850 to our client!

Can you really imagine ‘not’ doing this?

Whether new in business or ready to move to the next level, with clarity and confidence; you can’t afford not to hire Accountable Solutions!